If the shoehorn fits

My co-worker Samson is a bit of an oddball. He was born in Nigeria, and then went to boarding school in London and college in upstate New York. Now he’s a reformed skirt chaser in NYC.

We go to lunch a few times a week and find ourselves – and sometimes eavesdroppers – cackling at the banter back and forth.

And then there are the IM conversations.

Me (4:56:31 PM): argh putting on shoes after being barefoot for hours is no fun
Samson (4:57:08 PM): thats why i have a shoehorn
Me (4:57:28 PM): I meant that my boots are tight
Me (4:57:37 PM): hahaha Shoehorn!
Me (4:57:41 PM): At work?
Samson (4:57:50 PM): why does everyone think its so funny
Samson (4:57:59 PM): how else are u supposed to get non laced mens shoes on

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