Not punctuation this time

It’s the start of our session. I’m eating a piece of cake Jing’s mom brought me, and Jing’s giving me a recap of the latest happenings at school.

Report cards come up. Jing mentions that she never sat out in gym all grading period, but she still got a lower grade. I ask if girls don’t swim when they have their periods. She nods.

Then she drops a bombshell.

Jing: My friend just got her period, but I technically got my period when I was older than her. So I’m the last one to get it.

Me: [trying to contain my excitement] Really? Congrats. That’s exciting, right?

Jing: My period?

Me: Yes!

Jing: Meh.

Me: Would you like to write about it?

Jing: No way.

Me: Okay. Well, I think this is very exciting.

Jing: Why does nothing happen to boys?

Me: Stuff happens to boys.

Jing: Boners, that’s it.

Me: Many of them have trouble showing their emotions. So how was your grade in social studies?

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